ac_request("projectinfo", valuename1, variablename1, valuename2, variablename2, ...)

In arguments, the name of the project parameter is specified, followed by a comma-separated variable for the program, where to return the value.
And so on, through a comma.
Returns 0 on success. If something goes wrong, -1 returns.

"projectname"   name of the project
"client"   the client name
"company"   company name
"street"   the street
"city"   the city
"country"   the country
"architect"   architect name
"projectstatus"   project status
"date"   project issue date
"notes"   the notes
"draftsmen"   performer

Пример использования:

    string sProjetcname, sArchitect;
    int res = ac_request("projectinfo","projectname",sProjectname,"architect",sArchitect);
    cout << "Название проекта = " << sProjectname << " , архитектор=" << sArchitect << "\n";