LabPP_Calc kit is designed for rapid calculation of CAD ARCHICAD.
LabPP_Calc provides an alternative mechanism for calculating staffing budgets in ARCHICAD and does not require professional skills. It is often convenient to represent the performance of Fragments of the building elements designed for other purposes. Such as a garage with a side blind area is made with the use of 3d-meshes and walls to changing the profile.
LabPP_Calc provides a convenient mechanism to use spreadsheets. In spreadsheets, it is convenient to store your own formula calculations. These files are tangible, they are easy to print, modify, transmit colleagues. Substituting the new source data to quickly obtain fairly accurate and timely results.
LabPP_Calc provides a convenient mechanism for interaction with other programs via the clipboard. Such as regular Windows calculator program for calculating and budgeting GrandSMETA can get the number of ARCHICAD.
Dividing the amount of masonry on the volume of a brick can be easily determined and the amount of material and amount of work. You can now use ARCHICAD as a means of designing your own garage, home, etc. facilities where necessary to hire workers to negotiate with them about payment, control and optimize the flow of materials.
Particularly advantageous when testing estimates. For example, if you bring a quote for painting the basement you can easily check the area, paint consumption, etc. and any attempt to inflate the consumption of materials or the amount of work does not slip out of your control, because it is easily done. In the spreadsheet is written as a secretary, and you consider them immediately. It is worth umozri-respect to submit another benefit of using the mechanism for calculating LabPP_Calc. With its simplicity and symbolic value, we offer the technology is really impressive.
A good process should not be difficult.

The purpose of the program LabPP_Calc