BIM Master can generate code snippets.

The program module LABPP_ProgramCodeGen.cpp is responsible for this work.

When you click on the button to call the program code generator, the current LABPP BIM Master window is switched to the "Program Code Genetation" mode.

This window can now be used to select options for code generation purposes.

At the same time, the LABPP Program Code Generator window opens.

In it, in a tree structure, points are collected for creating various fragments of programs and even solutions.

To better understand the purpose of each item, you can highlight it and click the "Information" button.

The selected module will tell you what and how it does.

Clicking the "Generate" button generates the code when interacting with the LABPP BIM Master window.

For example, when executing the "get_element_value" item, the program takes the name and properties of the variable from the current LABPP BIM Master window (see figure below).

You can download data about parameters and their values ​​from any element of the project at any time.

You do not need to close the BIM Master window for this.

Select an element and press the left button below.

Then select the parameters section (in the figure, the "GDL" section is selected) and specify the desired parameter in the table.

You can use search.

Now, when you click the "Generation" button, a semantically correct piece of text will be generated in the window to receive data from this parameter.