Many times everyone is faced with the need to accommodate a significant number of elements on the predetermined trajectory.
This tedious task is compounded if you also need to rotate these elements at each location at the appropriate angle.
Such work may be delayed for a long time.
LabPP_Landscape allows you to place elements along a complex trajectory automatically.
In each case, the installation element is calculated the rotation angle in accordance with the course of the trajectory at a given point.
As the trajectory is specified polyline. A polyline can consist of lines and arcs - no matter how much and how located.
As an example, consider the case when you need to place the lights next to the road.

streetlights along the road

We can easily draw a polyline that runs next to the road (see picture).
This polyline will set the trajectory of the location of the lights.
Put on box 2d object light, which will be replicated.
At the same time choose a lantern and path.
Caused by panel replication of elements along a complex polyline.
In the settings put a checkmark next to "turn on the highway plus (grad.)". In the box next to this checkbox set the angle at which you have to turn of the flashlight object so it was facing the road.
In our case it is 180 degrees.
Can be set to 0, then lights will be turned off from the road.
But if the lamp-the original is immediately rotated 180 degrees then the value of turn is 0 degrees - the lights will be turned to the side of the road.
This cost to poeksperimentirovat to better understand this useful function.

rotate objects by path in ARCHICAD

The result is one click placement of the lights.
This can be done interleaved with other objects, and in different combinations.
Here we have considered a very simple example so as not to clutter the narration for better understanding.
 View of the sreetlights that rotated to road in ARCHICAD

Anyone who has faced the real design can easily imagine your own situations where this feature will be very useful and save a lot of time.
With the ability to execute multiple rooms with different settings the result is not only faster but also more efficiently.