A convenient software add-on for the accounting of building areas in ARCHICAD works in 2d and 3d windows.
If necessary, it is adjusted to the required reporting standard.
Markers of apartments can be assigned premises, so that the areas (common, residential, etc.) of apartments / offices are automatically calculated taking into account a variety of standard factors of types of premises (residential, balconies / loggias, etc.).
You can work with 2 or more level apartments and offices.
The kit includes a variety of markers for apartments / offices and premises for various purposes.
You can create your own apartment markers or modify existing ones.
You can create your own categories of rooms.
As markers of premises together with those that are given in the kit, you can use any own markers of rooms (zones).
It is possible to automatically create and update explications of apartments, offices, floors, etc. In the complete set there is an object of the table with explication.
Automatic and semi-automatic numbering of apartments and premises in apartments.
You can automatically extend or move the numbering of apartments (useful for the case with offices). And the numbering is not only within the framework of the floor, but entirely of the projected object.
The set includes a configured table for the explication of premises.
LabPP_Solaris is an affordable and convenient tool for beginners and professionals.

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