LABPP_ProgramCodeGen.cpp is in text form. Therefore, like any C++ module for ARCHICAD, it can be modified as you wish. With the help of a special programcodegen(...) command from this program, you can get information about the current state of the LABPP BIM Master dialog, which is in the program code generator mode. 

Command format: 

int ires = programcodegen("get_bimmaster_cur_selected_parameter_info", string genesis, string v_type, string varname, string svalue, string description, string group); 


genesis is a text label that is responsible for the address of the parameter in terms of the coarse determinant.

Field value "genesis"

Deciphering the ownership of a parameter


Any aspect


The parameter is a parameter of a GDL library element


Element property


Custom Parameter


Basic user setting


Base custom setting created by the user


Any of the listed user options


The parameter refers to the classification system


Parameter is related to IFC parameters


Element parameter from LABPP


Quantity parameter from the Quantity section


Attribute parameter

v_type - тип параметра






Floating point number





varname - name of the variable;

svalue - variable value as text;

sdescription - variable description;

sgroup - группа (pset для параметров IFC).