To quickly create an imitation of houses or similar objects makes sense to use objects-pictures can be set as the facades.
For this purpose, the set LabPP_Landscape a library feature LabPP_Fasade.gsm.
As an example, to simulate a residential home will create an object "3-d mesh" in the size of the building.

The object of imitation of the facade has a picture with a small offset in ARCHICAD
Place object LabPP_Fasade.gsm.

Object to imitation fasade on ARCHICAD

In the object settings, you can specify the file name of your own image.
We remember that if the image file just created, we need to update the library Manager the directory with the picture, so it was available in ARCHICAD.

The objects of the facades can be switched in a mode of primitive display.
In order to avoid flaws with overlap of the overlay images for rendering, the drawing of the facade object is at a short distance from the base object. This provides the convenience of manipulation of objects facades.

Don't forget that Your picture should be available for ARCHICAD.