Here you can download and use the keys to the LABPP programs for non-commercial use for free:

  • If you are a teacher and solve problems for learning purposes;
  • If you are a student and perform project work for the purpose of stady;
  • If you are a designer and perform work on the terms of charity;
  • If you are a programmer and create your own program modules (scripts) for ARCHICAD.

 When registering these keys on the site in the CUSTOMER_ID field, enter:  LABPP NC

Distribution ARCHICAD version   Downloaded  Updated
LabPP_AutomatAC22_NoCommercialKey v22 win x64 Download 241   08/26/21
LabPP_AutomatAC23_NoCommercialKey v23 win x64 Download 147   08/26/21
LabPP_AutomatAC24_NoCommercialKey v24 win x64 Download 357   08/26/21
LabPP_AutomatAC25_NoCommercialKey v25 win x64 Download 426   08/26/21
LabPP_AutomatAC26_NoCommercialKey v26 win x64 Download 147   08/02/22


If you want to use LABPP programs in the design for commercial purposes, make an application for the purchase of paid keys.