Hybrid automation module ARCHICAD. Combines addons with customizable interface and a built-in interpreter of language C++ that executes the program from text files.
So avtomatiziruete a variety of complex accounting procedure with loading/unloading data into spreadsheets, accounting programs, estimated complexes, etc. you Can create and modify elements of the project.
Here you can download the documentation in pdf.

Here You can see the documentation online.

The functionality of the module is configured for a specific technical task and comes to order.

Here You can download the distribution for your version of ARCHICAD.

Distributive Version ARCHICAD Lang   Downloaded Updated
LabPP_AutomatAC16x32INT v16 win x32 int Download 96 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC16x32RUS v16 win x32 rus Download 97 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC16x64INT v16 win x64 int Download 102 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC16x64RUS v16 win x64 rus Download 130 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC17INT v17 win x64 int Download 76 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC17RUS v17 win x64 rus Download 181 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC18INT v18 win x64 int Download 105 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC18RUS v18 win x64 rus Download 127 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC19INT v19 win x64 int Download 121 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC19RUS v19 win x64 rus Download 161 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC20INT v20 win x64 int Download 110 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC20RUS v20 win x64 rus Download 249 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC21INT v21 win x64 int Download 161 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC21RUS v21 win x64 rus Download 250 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC22INT v22 win x64 int Download 442 12/03/19
LabPP_AutomatAC22RUS v22 win x64 rus Download 562 12/18/19
LabPP_AutomatAC23INT v23 win x64 int Download 202 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23CHN v23 win x64 China Download 4 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23DEU v23 win x64 Deuche Download 9 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23FRA v23 win x64 France Download 5 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23GEO v23 win x64 Georgia Download 6 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23ITA v23 win x64 Italy Download 10 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23JPN v23 win x64 Japan Download 5 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23KOR v23 win x64 Korean Download 4 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23POL v23 win x64 Poland Download 3 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23PRT v23 win x64 Portugal Download 5 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC23RUS v23 win x64 rus Download 256 08/10/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24INT v24 win x64 int Download 155 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24CHN v24 win x64  China Download 3 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24DEU v24 win x64  Deutch Download 6 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24FRA v24 win x64  France Download 2 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24GEO v24 win x64  Georgia Download 6 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24ITA v24 win x64  Italy Download 7 04/14/23  
LabPP_AutomatAC24JPN v24 win x64  Japan Download 4 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24KOR v24 win x64  Korean Download 5 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24POL v24 win x64  Poland Download 3 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24PRT v24 win x64 Portugal Download 3 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC24RUS v24 win x64 rus Download 209 08/10/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25INT v25 win x64 int Download 112 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25CHN v25 win x64 China Download 12 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25DEU v25 win x64 Deutch Download 5 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25FRA v25 win x64 France Download 8 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25GEO v25 win x64 Georgia Download 2 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25ITA v25 win x64 Italy Download 2 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25JPN v25 win x64 Japan Download 3 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25KOR v25 win x64 Korean Download 2 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25POL v25 win x64 Poland Download 2 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC25PRT v25 win x64 Portugal Download 5 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26INT v26 win x64 English Download 41 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26CHN  v26 win x64  China Download 2 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26DEU  v26 win x64  Deutch Download 4 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26FRA  v26 win x64  France Download 4 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26GEO  v26 win x64  Georgia Download 3 04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26ITA  v26 win x64  Italy Download 4   04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26JPN  v26 win x64  Japan Download 2   04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26KOR  v26 win x64  Korea Download 2   04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26POL  v26 win x64  Poland Download 2   04/14/23
LabPP_AutomatAC26PRT  v26 win x64  Portugal Download 4   04/14/23
 LabPP_AutomatAC27INT  v27 win x64  Int Download 3   09/21/23

If You have a troubles, guide how install add-ons read there.
All distributions equipped with temporary (demo) keys. So You can work in full mode.

Documentation Format Lang   Downloaded Updated
LabPP_Automat.html Html int Open   04/11/22
LABPP_Automat ARCHICAD (int).pdf Pdf int Download 98   04/11/22
LabPP_Automat (int).chm Chm int Download 27   04/07/22
LABPP_Automat ARCHICAD (int).docx Word int Download 14   12/29/21
LABPP_Automat ARCHICAD (int).epub Epub int Download