Add-ons summarizes the volumes, volumes with no openings, square, square, without notches, the length of the polylines, arcs, and much more for different objects.ARCHICAD calculations
For example, a quick image of the walls in addition to the object "Wall" is convenient to use "Morph", "Mesh" and others.
But how to calculate the amount of material? Comes to the aid of a software addition LabPP_Calc.
The user guide for the application can be viewed here.
labpp_calc with automat c++ for ARCHICADNow just select all objects that make up the wall and press the button "calculate".
And even if You have a large object, it is not necessary to write the results on paper.
In LabPP_Calc You one button reset number in the current cell of the spreadsheet. Supported by Excel or OpenOffice. Numbers can immediately give comments.
To transfer data to other programs such as 1C or estimated complexes, there are two buttons that placed the results to the clipboard using the separator of the integer and fractional parts "," or "."
For many users, this functionality is sufficient to successfully perform their tasks in the project work.
For those who want to provide even greater performance and maximize the convenience in the calculations suitable version "Pro" (professional version).

LabPP_Calc Lopolito capabilities of the calculator data elements to the user submitted:
string numeric calculator with a built-in powerful interpreter (based on LabPP_Automat);
- ability to download data from the calculator of the elements of the memory cells, the clipboard, and direct measurements in the project;
three memory locations, and reviews for a visual application;
- ability to work with angles in degrees and radians;
- a function to undo or redo actions;
- the operation log;
- rounding;
- unlimited number of brackets and operations in the text;
- in addition to the data and review of the calculator items in the spreadsheet you can quickly send the values of the memory cells and the results from the string calculator;
- a wide range of comfortable customized buttons for the most frequently used functions.
- If you do part of the same long calculations, it is convenient to use pre-programmed scripts for ARCHICAD.
They can be substituted for one of the 4 programmable buttons or run from a file.
It makes add-ons LabPP_Calc an indispensable tool in the work with ARCHICAD.

 Here You can download the distribution for your version of ARCHICAD.

Distribution ARCHICAD vertion Lang  Archive  Downloaded Updated
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x32_INT v16 win x32 int Download 1687   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x32_RUS v16 win x32 rus Download 1908   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x64_INT v16 win x64 int Download 1244   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x64_RUS v16 win x64 rus Download 2104   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC17_x64_INT v17 win x64 int Download 1584   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC17_x64_RUS v17 win x64 rus Download 1542   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC18_x64_INT v18 win x64 int Download 1174   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC18_x64_RUS v18 win x64 rus Download 2146   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC18_Mac_RUS v18 Mac OS rus Download 628   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC19_x64_INT v19 win x64 int Download 794   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC19_x64_RUS v19 win x64 rus Download 1183   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC20_x64_INT v20 win x64 int Download 513   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC20_x64_RUS v20 win x64 rus Download 888   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC21_x64_INT v21 win x64 int Download 1413   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC21_x64_RUS v21 win x64 rus Download 808   12/03/19
LabPP_CalcT_AC22_x64_INT v22 win x64 int Download 2713   02/22/22
LabPP_CalcT_AC22_x64_RUS v22 win x64 rus Download 1130   02/22/22
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_INT v23 win x64 int Download 358   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_CHN v23 win x64 China Download 3   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_DEU v23 win x64 Deutch Download 12   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_FRA v23 win x64 France Download 7   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_GEO v23 win x64 Georgia Download 10   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_ITA v23 win x64 Italy Download 9   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_JPN v23 win x64 Japan Download 7   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_KOR v23 win x64 Korean Download 13   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_POL v23 win x64 Poland Download 11   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_PRT v23 win x64 Portugal Download 9   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC23_x64_RUS v23 win x64 rus Download 531   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_INT v24 win x64 int Download 171   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_CHN v24 win x64 China Download 6   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_DEU v24 win x64 Deutch Download 14   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_FRA v24 win x64 France Download 13   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_GEO v24 win x64 Georgia Download 11   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_ITA v24 win x64 Italy Download 6   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_JPN v24 win x64 Japan Download 9   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_KOR v24 win x64 Korean Download 171   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_POL v24 win x64 Poland Download 9   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC24_x64_PRT v24 win x64 Portugal Download 7   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_INT v25 win x64 int Download 158   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_CHN v25 win x64 China Download 30   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_DEU v25 win x64 Deutch Download 8   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_FRA v25 win x64 France Download 14   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_GEO v25 win x64 Georgia Download 4   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_ITA v25 win x64 Italy Download 4   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_JPN v25 win x64 Japan Download 3   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_KOR v25 win x64 Korean Download 4   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_POL v25 win x64 Poland Download 7   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC25_x64_PRT v25 win x64 Portugal Download 10   04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_CHN v26 win x64 China Download 2 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_DEU v26 win x64  Deutch  Download 2 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_FRA  v26 win x64  France  Download 12 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_GEO  v26 win x64  Georgia  Download 2 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_INT  v26 win x64  Int  Download 62 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_ITA  v26 win x64  Italy  Download 3 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_JPN  v26 win x64  Japan  Download 2 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_KOR  v26 win x64  Korean  Download 3 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_POL  v26 win x64  Poland  Download 3 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC26_x64_PRT  v26 win x64  Portugal  Download 5 04/15/24
LabPP_CalcT_AC27_x64_INT v27 win x64 Int  Download 24 04/15/24

If You have a troubles, guide how install add-ons read there.
All distributions equipped with temporary (demo) keys. So You can work in full mode.