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This free software add-on was created to help those who create their GDL objects.
With it, the user of your objects will be able to define complex geometry and perform operations on objects in an interactive mode.
This significantly expands the capabilities and range of tasks for ARCHICAD BIM objects. And it simplifies the work on the creation of library elements.
The application allows you to run scripts for ARCHICAD from files or by pressing programmable buttons.

Chapter about LabPP_GoodwinGDL is in development.

LabPP_GoodwinGDL interface

Here you can download the distributions for your version of ARCHICAD.


ARCHICAD version

Lang  Archive Downloaded  Refreshed
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC16_x32_INT v16 win x64 int Download 75   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC16_x32_RUS v16 win x32 rus Download 93   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC16_x64_INT v16 win x64 int Download 77   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC16_x64_RUS v16 win x64 rus Download 98   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC17_x64_INT v17 win x64 int Download 37   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC17_x64_RUS v17 win x64 rus Download 71   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC18_x64_INT v18 win x64 int Download 81   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC18_x64_RUS v18 win x64 rus Download 85   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC19_x64_INT v19 win x64 int Download 103   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC19_x64_RUS v19 win x64 rus Download 125   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC20_x64_INT v20 win x64 int Download 111   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC20_x64_RUS v20 win x64 rus Download 120   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC21_x64_INT v21 win x64 int Download 627   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC21_x64_RUS v21 win x64 rus Download 387   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC22_x64_INT v22 win x64 int Download 1537   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC22_x64_RUS v22 win x64 rus Download 793   12/03/19
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC23_INT v23 win x64 int Download 3   03/03/23
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC24_INT v24 win x64 int Download 5   03/03/23
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC25_INT v25 win x64 int Download 15   03/03/23
LabPP_GoodwinGDL_AC26_INT v26 win x64 int Download 37 03/03/23

If You have a troubles, guide how install add-ons read there.
All distributions equipped with temporary (demo) keys. But in own aims You and Your users can work in full mode (the demo counter is recycled).
If You need to use in commercial aims please call as and we send You professional keys.