Table of contents

  1. How to register add-ons LabPP on the website
  2. How to install a new key file.

How to register add-ons LabPP on the website

After You have downloaded and installed add-ons in labpp ARCHICAD software addition will ask for registration.
The registration procedure will be suggested automatically when you press any functional button on the tool palette add-ons.
To register you need to take the request code and serial number, enter them on the website and get the response code. This response code to substitute in the program.

With the distribution on the website comes a demo key. This file name as the title addons. The key file must reside in the directory next to the executable addons. For example, addons apx file should be LabPP_Landscape.key.

The registration dialog will appear immediately when you press any button on the addons palette.
Click "Obtain request code" and the program will fill in the request code and serial number. These data must be entered in the same input fields in the registration form on the website labpp
The registration procedure can be performed on a computer that is not connected to the Internet. For this, write down the request code and serial number and on another computer go to the website and get the response code. Then enter it in the box of the dialogue.

If this computer is connected to the Internet, call immediately to the desired page, press "Page of the website to register".
Fill in the field "request code" and "serial number". You will need to specify the buyer code addons - CUSTOMER_ID. This is the code that you get when You buy addons labpp to continue to receive discounts.
When you register the key Demo as the CUSTOMER_ID should be the word DEMO (installed by default).
Click in the "I am not a robot" and answer correctly the question of the site. Then click "Get registration code". The program on the website will report the response code.

Copy it and then paste into the registration dialog in ArchiCAD addons. If You have already closed the registration dialog, then open it again. All registration data remains current, even if You have closed the chat and turned off the computer.

Complete the code and press "Ok". The program will report that the key was registered.

If You have registered the key Demo, as you work, the program will report how many launches until the completion of the demonstration period.

How to install a new key file.

After You have acquired a permanent key file, copy it to any available seat.
If You received the file in the archive - unzip it.
Run add-ons for which You purchased the key. The name of the key file coincides with the name of the add-ons.
For example the key for the add-ons "LabPP_Landscape.apx" You will receive the key file "LabPP_Landscape.key".
Press any button in any dialog, click "Replace key file".
In the dialog that appears, locate Your new file, select it and click "Open".

The program will copy this file to the right place. After replacing the key file the program will ask you to register it.
If you have problems, please write to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..